Sophie Turner plays Throne, Bone or Slay (x)

Awww, she’s even perfect when she’s drunk and trying to be an asshole.

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Because of of course Lucy Liu took time off from her busy schedule of separating people from their heads to feed a random bunny

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The Raiders’ Maurice Jones-Drew - a touchdown capped with a “Hands Up - Don’t Shoot” pose.

“I am raising three African American boys,” Jones-Drew told the Chronicle. “Whenever you see things like that … and it’s not just Ferguson, I was in Jacksonville when Trayvon Martin happened, I was in Jacksonville when the gas station shooting over the loud music happened. Those things touch home.

“I definitely wanted to show the people out in Ferguson and around the world that as athletes, we understand and we try to do whatever we can to make a statement. If we could do more, we would.”

A little more in the San Francisco Chronicle.

I hope this becomes a thing. Amongst all the players but especially among the Black players. After every score. In every end zone. At every game. On every team.

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If I could download a dragon all the cops in the world couldn’t stop me

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brandb said: Hey, you never know. My dad’s car was stolen twice and both times the cops found it. I really hope your stuff turns up.

Twice is impressive!  I’m engaging in magical thinking and hoping that by buying replacement stuff, I’ll ensure that the original stuff turns up immediately.

grrspit said: Yikes! Glad no one was hurt! Fingers crossed! Seems like this sort of thing is on the rise, a friend of mine’s house was broken into twice. This is why I don’t get too mad at my dog for barking at everything that walks by.

The window repair guy (ABQ Glass and Glazing; super fast, nice, and reasonable) said he had done a *lot* of replacement windows just like this in the past six months.  Weird that it’s ticking up now that the economy is finally recovering a bit ‘round these parts.

Proof that I got genuinely rattled: I seriously thought about getting a dog for three seconds.  I do not like dogs, but goodness do I see the point of them now.


The thing about this is that sculptures like these in art history were for the male gaze. Photoshop a phone to it and suddenly she’s seen as vain and conceited. That’s why I’m 100% for selfie culture because apparently men can gawk at women but when we realize how beautiful we are we’re suddenly full of ourselves…

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The Teethening.

It has begun.

Oh yeah:

The burglars also stole a pillowcase, because they weren’t even organized enough to bring something to carry off their ill-gotten gains.  Now I have a nice sheet set that’s minus a pillowcase.

*shakes tiny fist at sky*

Update on the crime of the century:

Our new window was in place by 10:00 a.m. yesterday, and a new door is in the works.  The current one locks fine, but someone very clearly tried to take a crowbar to it before giving up and going through the window.  

Hilariously, when said individual(s) went through the window, they landed on a shoe rack, which was then a casualty of the whole affair.  I noticed a faint trail of something leading from the window to the kitchen and living room yesterday, so APD obligingly came out and tested to see if it was blood.  Sadly for my CSI fantasies, it was not blood.  (If it was cat barf, I will laugh and/or cry.)  Alas.  I confess I was less interested in catching said individual via DNA testing and more interested in confirming that (s)he had suffered a bit.  

We now have a spiffy new home security system, a replacement shoe rack, and a decent renters’ insurance payout.  My advice: keep the serial numbers of any electronics you care about in a safe and unobtrusive place, likesay the pile of stuff you’ve been meaning to file since your kid was born.  The police officer was seriously impressed that I was able to give him my laptop SN after two seconds of looking.  

I called a local pawn shop and was told that all the places in town watch police reports for stolen property and set aside anything that meets that description.  My cynical guess is that they make a particular point of doing that with anything that isn’t very valuable but that people have called to anxiously inquire about.  Given the ineptitude of the burglar(s), I suspect my jewelry won’t ever make it to a pawn shop but will instead just get tossed, and MOTHERFUCKER I HAD THREE ORIGINAL WAILINGBEANSIDHE PIECES!!  

But we’ll see.  Six months ago, a friend of mine got a call from the cops regarding a stolen property claim he’d made a year and a half ago when his car was broken into.  Two of his cameras had showed up in a very well-organized stash of stolen goods adjacent to a meth lab, and now they’re back in his possession without a scratch.  Fingers crossed.